From bang out of order to bang on trend in a few easy steps!

From bang out of order to bang on trend in a few easy steps!
Mini Wooden Jewellery Box

Awful orange wood effect!

I had been on the lookout for an upcycling project for some time when I came across this mini wardrobe jewellery box at a Boot Fair last summer. As you can see it was rather an unattractive shade of orange with a faux wood-grain effect and, to top it all, it originally had a green and pink embossed floral design on the glass panels which really clashed with the wood!

After scraping this off and removing the glass panels I gave the wood a couple of quick coats of Rose Pink Chalk Paint which doesn’t require you to rub down the surfaces beforehand. It also dries so quickly you can re-coat it in less than an hour which I did, covering the pink with a dramatic Charcoal Grey. Once this too had dried, I rubbed back the edges just enough to distress it and allow the undercoat to show through, before finishing it off with clear wax to give a smooth, matt appearance.

I then turned to the glass panels but as I was bringing them back to my workshop from the shed I managed to drop one, smashing it to pieces. At this point my project appeared doomed but I soon saw that it was actually preferable to replace the glass with wood which would hide the contents of the box. This also allowed me to choose a contrasting pattern to compliment the stylish charcoal tone and I think this Briar Rose paper has worked perfectly!

In just a few easy steps and for minimum cost I have turned what was a ghastly orange box into a thoroughly stylish addition to my dressing table and I had great fun doing it. I’m now completely hooked and on the hunt for the next piece of tired old tat that I can upcycle and give a new lease of life. If you would like further details of the materials I used do get in touch via the Contact Page, I’d love to hear from you!