Murano Glass Sweeties!

Murano Glass Sweeties!

Readily available online, these glass sweets are a great home decor item! Murano Glass enjoys a world-wide reputation although the name refers to the island of Murano and not a single maker.

Murano Glass Sweets

A giant 6″ Murano Glass Sweet! Click on the photo to shop now!

Early simple methods of slab glass production evolved after travellers returning to the busy international port from the Middle East brought with them more sophisticated blowing techniques which had been in use in Syria, Egypt and Palestine for some time.

The industry may have been important to Venice before this time but it is believed that Murano became the main source after the artisans were asked to move their furnaces away from the city for fear of causing fire. This allowed both a concentration of manufacturers and the emergence of a measure of secrecy about techniques, making the island the centre of glass production in the region.