Countdown to the Festive Top Ten!

Countdown to the Festive Top Ten!

Of an evening you will often find my whole family sitting in the kitchen with the TV turned on to sport with the sound off whilst we play our favourite music. I’ll be listing or updating things in the shops, my sons will be on their laptops and smart phones, and hubby will be cooking the dinner (tip: for a happy home life, marry a chef!).

My eldest son, who works for a music retailer, will often play us new tracks that he’s recently discovered but we all tend to gravitate back to a well-worn playlist with firm favourites featuring time and again, and this is never truer than at this time of the year. We’re quite strict in that we never play Christmas songs until 1st December but once that magic date arrives the Christmas vinyl and CDs are never far from the record player.

Our festive playlist contains mostly 80s pop with a few pieces of Hollywood schmaltz like Bing’s White Christmas and Judy Garland singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas thrown in, and always guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye.  As I was digging out the records for the photo for this post I began to think which were indeed my all-time favourites and to put together my Tinsel Top Ten. It’s never easy to whittle down hundreds of pieces of music to those that you couldn’t live without but I challenge you to give it a go as there are an unexpected number of factors that come into play when you try to choose your favourites. Where were you when you first heard it? Does it remind you of a certain person or a time you spent together? Do you have a favourite version by a certain singer or is it a song you love regardless? Here’s what I ended up with:

1. Band Aid – Do They Know it’s Christmas – I love that opening note and this is the first track I pick to mark the beginning of Christmas every year.Christmas Vinyl 7" Records

2. John Lennon – Happy Christmas War is Over – for their loving whispers to each other at the start and the ‘Is that him, or is it her?’ pictures of their merging faces on the label.

3. Frankie Goes to Hollywood – The Power of Love – reminds me of getting ready to go out with The Tube on the TV in the background.

4. The Pogues – Fairytale of New York – I can still see a happily boozy hubby telling me that 1990 would be our year as this played on the juke box – it was indeed a year of enormous change for us.

lennon  5. Mud – Lonely This Christmas  –  Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a Glam Rock ballad.

  6. Wham – Last Christmas – don’t you seem to hear this playing more often than any other tune when you’re browsing in the   shops – and a great B-side too!

  7. Queen – Thank God it’s Christmas – sleigh bells that don’t seem cheesy for some reason!

  8. Slade – Merry Christmas Everybody – for every DJ who ever put this on as Christmas Eve ticked over into Christmas Day and had hundreds of raucous revellers roaring it out at the top of their voices.Christmas Vinyl 7"

9. Wizzard – I Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day – well who doesn’t?

10. Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas is You – a sparkly tune with a driving beat that you just can’t help but jump around to whilst warbling those high notes at the top of your voice… just me…oh, OK!

I’d love to hear about your own top ten and the reasons you chose them – why not get in touch via the Contacts page?

Merry Christmas everyone!