Mid Century Mode

Mid Century Mode

The trend for home decor with a mid-century flavour remains as strong as ever with the style featuring in a number of interiors magazines this month. Taking advantage of open windows bringing the Spring warmth in, I have begun to refresh tired decor in my own home and these articles have inspired me to bring out some of my mid-century favourites.

The bamboo planter is a recent find and the torn sticker on the base shows that it was retailed by Marks & Spencer. However, there is also a small decorator’s mark and, when an online search suggested these were made by Poole Pottery, I was able to identify it as that of Jacqulin Way, who worked for the factory between 1958 and 1964.

No self-respecting mid-century interior would be complete without a bit of Teak. The Monkey Pod Wood Lazy Susan originates from Thailand and is one of a number of similar items that I own.  To my bitter regret, I was once in possession of a beautiful teak G-Plan sideboard which would now be worth a considerable amount. However, when we moved into our current home 20 years ago, it didn’t fit with our decor and was put into the shed, where it mouldered and decayed until we finally disposed of it in a very sorry state.

The brass horse I love because it has a strong modernist flavour. You will see many examples of this figure for sale and they are almost always wrongly attributed to Frederick Weinberg. This version is more likely to be a tourist souvenir from Greece, but I remain ever hopeful that I might happen upon the real thing one day.

Finally, the Candle Holder and/or Vase is from the factory of the Dutch artist and ceramicist, Pieter Groeneveldt (1889 – 1982). This piece is unsigned as many were sold with only a retail sticker. However it has the unmistakable ‘Travertijn’ finish where the surface is left rough and wiped over with a dark glaze, to give it the look of a natural material.

If you would to like to know more about these items or anything else you may have seen on the site then please do get in touch via the Contacts page – as always, I would love to hear from you.