Dolce Murano!

Dolce Murano!

Readily available online, these novelty Murano Glass sweets bring an instant pop of colour to your home decor!

Murano Glass Sweets

Large Murano Glass Toffee

Glass was being produced using simple slab techniques in the Venice area as early as the 8th Century, and a major industry developed as merchants returning to the city brought with them more sophisticated blowing techniques from Syria, Egypt and Palestine.

In 1291, production was moved to the string of small islands known as Murano to minimise the risk to the city from glass furnace fires. This concentration of factories in one location not only encouraged competition between makers, but also lead to a cult of secrecy around techniques and styles which greatly increased demand for glass from the area.

Venetian glass making reached its high point in the 16th Century with at least 28 factories in operation by 1581. However, the development of new techniques producing less fragile glass wares across the rest of Europe, saw its reputation and trading power begin to decline. The Venetian Republic came to an end when  Napoleon conquered Venice in 1797 and he set about closing down factories so that only minimal production continued until a movement to revive the industry in the mid-19th Century.

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Amber Murano Gondola Ashtray

Quality items with a high price tag are still produced in the area by a select group of renowned factories  but since the mid-20th Century the brand has been more readily associated with novelty items such as glass toffees and gondola ash trays aimed at the tourist market.

I have a number of Murano-style novelty glass items available in my Etsy shop, including this Gondola Ashtray – just click on this link to see them.  Or if you have any questions or comments about Murano Glass then please do get in touch via the Contacts page.