Stuff I’ve been reading!

Stuff I’ve been reading!
Cinque Ports Pottery Mug

Cinque Ports Pottery Camber Sands Mug

Those of you who read my New Year’s blog will recall that I was looking for a magazine that I might subscribe to and had picked up the January/February edition of Landscape magazine to give it a try. Filled with stunning photography and articles about gardening, cooking and crafting, as well as features about pottery, collecting, architecture and old industry, it seemed right up my street! I am happy to say that I enjoyed it immensely and having just seen that the Mar/April issue is out, I will be buying it again. Particular things that stayed with me were that collective names for a group of Rooks include a parliament, a building, a clamour and a storytelling! I also had no idea that a church bell has five tones known as the hum, the fundamental, tierce, quint and nominal, which have to be tuned so that they are in harmony with each other, as well as with all the other bells in the belfry.

Dungeness Lifeboat Mug Scene

Cinque Ports Pottery Dungeness Lifeboat Mug

Of the longer articles, I particularly liked that by Daniel Neilson, with its atmospheric photos by Jeremy Walker, about the Romney Marsh. We visited the area last summer and you may have seen my picture of Camber Sands on my last blog. I had the idea to photograph Cinque Ports Pottery items that I was selling in their home landscape and we visited the Lifeboat Station and Camber Sands to snap these two vintage bits. We stopped off at Derek Jarman’s former home, Prospect Cottage, and also had a cuppa watching the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway depart the Dungeness Power Station stop, but having spent too long fossicking at Dymchurch and New Romney on the way, we found that we couldn’t stretch the day to accommodate our intended visit to Rye, so a return trip is planned this summer.

I haven’t decided to subscribe to Landscape as there are so many wonderful publications to test drive yet and I’ve just bought the February edition of The Simple Things. The strapline ‘Taking time to live well’ appeals to me and a quick flick through has already got me excited about several articles, including one about setting up an online business or what they’re calling ‘e-tailing’! I also chuckled to myself to see this snippet about a new trend forcombinedlightssmall industrial wire cage light fittings. When we bought our house in 1999 there were rather unfashionable 1980s ceiling lights with glass panels in two rooms. We very quickly realised that with two boisterous boys in their rooms above, the constant tinkling of the glass as they passed overhead was too irritating. So we removed the glass which was later thrown away in a clearout for some building work and the wire frame has remained empty ever since. Visitors have often remarked on the absence of the glass and we have rather sheepishly explained how lazy we’ve been in not replacing the fitting. Well, it seems we need be sheepish no more as we now find ourselves bang on trend with our wire framed light and I may even invest in one of those fancy filament light bulbs and make it a proper feature! As they say, what goes round, comes round!

Back copies of Landscape magazine are available online and if you’d like to get in touch about this blog or anything else about the site please do so via the Contacts page. Until next time…